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Consumption of cocaine is highly glamorized in t movies, making it to look as a mere street drug. However, the effects of the drug commonly referred to as crack can be devastating and even lead to death. The drug can be very addictive and the article will address on how various methods can be embraced to treat the addiction.

The Addiction Process

Most people find it interesting while consuming cocaine because it induces the “feel good” feeling. However, the urge increases over time and you are unable to do the normal activities without the drug. This leads to addiction and most probably you will find yourself in the wrong side of the law and even endanger your life due to its severe effects.

Cocaine Effects

Most people are hesitant to seek for the addiction treatment because most probably they don’t understand the effects of the drug. The drug has short term effects such as: Interfering with the nerve cells of the brain, depressing appetite inhibiting sleep, restlessness, anxiety, panic and irritability.

Long term effects include: hearty problems, increasing chances of stroke, ulcers, nausea, abdominal pain, kidney complications and unending headaches.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Process

Despite the clear effects of the drug, it is estimated that about 14% of the population uses the drug. If people realize that cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs, then most of them would have seen the urgent need to seek treatment. The following are the treatment process of the addiction;

  1. Acceptance of being an addict

The first process of getting the treatment is by accepting that you are addicted. Once you accept that fact, then you can research through the help of a doctor on the best method that suits you. This can be achieved by finding out on how the program will last, the amount that it will cost and if the treatment can be covered through insurance.

  1. Pharmacological Treatment

This method mainly uses the administration of the drugs to the cocaine addicts. The drug mostly mimics the effects of the cocaine abuse and over the time the effects reduces hence allowing the user to easily abstain. The most prescribed drug for this treatment includes methylphenidate that treats the long term effects of the cocaine in brain. When the drug is used over time, the patient is able to withdraw smoothly without experiencing the withdrawal effects.

  1. Behavioural treatment

This can be used for those that are highly dependent on the drug. This form of therapy mostly addresses the psychological needs of the patient such as to find the motivation behind the cocaine abuse and to address the psychological challenges. The treatment may use some forms of incentives to encourage the drug user from abstinence such as cash money or prizes.


Most of the common types of cocaine addiction treatment embraced depend with the severity of the effects of cocaine. Different forms of treatment may work for you and fail to work on another patient see health advice. Once you have accepted that you have a problem and have the determination and willingness to abstain, and then success may be guaranteed after the treatment.

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